“I remember the first time I met Dr. David Tyler. We were both lecturing at a Biblical counseling conference in Alabama, and as I sat in the auditorium I watched as Dave electrified the audience when he spoke on the consequences of turning sin into sickness. I was impressed, not only with his message, but especially with his passion for the Word of God. I knew I had found a fellow soldier in the battle for biblical sufficiency.?

Dr Ed Bulkley, 
Author, pastor and president of the International Association of Biblical Counselors. 

Twenty years ago, I had the good fortune of meeting an intellectually energetic Southern Baptist pastor who seemed unintimidated by the pressures and influences of secularism. His attitude toward a rapidly changing culture was refreshingly inconsistent with the trend within the church at that time. While others seemed easily drawn into the vortex of syncretism, David Tyler was unapologetically resistant. He was remarkable in his ability to explain his resistance cogently and persuasively in both his preaching and his writing.

As our friendship deepened, it became clear to me that if David’s gift for clearing the dampening fog of humanism was to be put to its most effective use, he would need to widen his influence through writing. In the years since, I have watched with deepening respect as Dr. Tyler has boldly and effectively set his pen to the task of truth telling about the human condition.

Dennis D. Frey, Th.D.
President, Master’s International School of Divinity