There has been a subtle and increasing change in the theology of the Christian Church today. Our taste for anything psychology appears to be insatiable, and has led the Church, with disastrous consequences down the road of accommodation and compromise. Today's theology is a hybrid, a blend of two antithetical worldviews, in which what is popular and psychological eclipses what is sound theologically. Rooted in atheistic Darwinism, the biblical model, replaced by the therapeutic, leaves no space for man made in the image and likeness of his Creator. 

We have traded the sacred for the secular. Instead of spiritual beings set apart for a sacred purpose, we are material beings, and life is a series of problems to be solved by professionals. We think secularly about the most sacred things. In the past when we had problems, we would  seek God. Today when faced with the same problems, we seek a therapist.

This book is a call to lay aside our failed human reasoning and return to the sufficient words of God found in Scripture. The Bible is not man-made, but God-breathed, and is the only constant and tangible entity in the church.

God's Funeral:
Psychology, Trading the Sacred for the Secular
Dr. David Tyler
ISBN 1-885904-81-2
134 pages, soft cover 
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God's Funeral: Psychology, Trading the Sacred for the Secular
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